Software Downloads for the
USNH Enterprise Systems Gateway

The following software is available for download, listed in alphabetic order.

Adjusted Service Date Tool

The Adjusted Service Date Tool is a Microsoft Excel based Tool used to calculate the Banner Adjusted Service Date based on hire and termination dates. Also included is a tool to calculate the Years of Service based on the Adjusted Service Date. Download and Run the Adjusted Service Date Tool.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some files require Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program for display in conjunction with your browser. These are also sometimes called "PDF" files (Page Description Format) and sometimes are indicated with a special icon (PDF file type). To download or upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat Reader, follow the instructions at the Adobe site.

Connect VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to secure the communication between your desktop and a server on the network.

For installation, troubleshooting and login help, please visit the Connect VPN Help Page. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 or online

Click here to access the Connect VPN

WinSCP (Preferred for windows)

WinSCP is used for secure file transfers over the network. Below is a link with instructions on how to use WinSCP on a Windows desktop.

Cyberduck (Alternative for Windows and Mac)

Cybeduck is used for secure file transfers over the network. Below is a link to the Cyberduck download page.

FTE Calculation Tool

The FTE Calculation tool is a Microsoft Excel based tool. Please click on the below link and save to your local file directory to use it.

FTE Calculator

This tool isnít supported by ETS. If you experience problems with this tool please contact USNH HR Production.

Internet Explorer Installs

If you do not know which installer to use please contact the UNH Service Desk at 603-862-4242. After installing Internet Explorer you should run Windows updates but make sure the next version of Internet Explorer isn't selected.

  • IE9 for 32bit Windows Vista
  • IE9 for 32bit Windows 7
  • IE9 for 64bit Windows 7
  • IE10 for 32bit Windows 7
  • IE10 for 64bit Windows 7

  • (JRE) Java Runtime Environment

    The Java Runtime Environment is an application that allows a client to run a Java application. Banner Finance/HR, Banner Student, Application Manager, Famis, Kronos and Webi use a JRE provided by Oracle.

      Java Management Tools for all ETS Applications
      Java Management Tools were created specifically for UNH and GSC users.† All others should consult with their IT support staff to determine suitability of this software.
    • Install (Connect to VPN before clicking link)
    • Install Instructions.

    • * See ETS Support Matrix

    Labor Distribution Tools

    The labor distribution tools are Excel-based applications to help calculate forward and past labor distributions prior to entry into Banner HR forms. (The tool for past labor distributions is not yet available).

    BSC users should follow either the Microsoft Office 2010/2013, Microsoft Office 2000 or Microsoft Office XP directions to download and install Labor Distribution Tools for use with Excel.

    Oracle 12C Client

    The Oracle 12C Windows Client is used to connect to ECG Databases from Client desktops. Click here for the download and installation instructions.

    Part-Time Full-Time Temp Casual Exempt Daily Rate Appointment Tool

    The Part-Time Full-Time Temp Casual Exempt Daily Rate Appointment Tool is a Microsoft Excel based Tool. In order to use it, you have to perform two one-time set up procedures in Microsoft Excel. Click on the link below that matches your version of Excel and follow the set up procedure instructions. The actual download of the Tool is the last step in each set of instructions.

    Once these steps are completed you are all set to run the Tool. Open the Tool workbook file and the data entry window should come up. If not, select Macro from the Tools menu and select the Auto_Run Macro and click Run. This will bring up the data entry window.

    This tool isnít supported by ETS. If you experience problems with this tool please contact the USNH HR Production.

    Printing from Banner

    A Microsoft Word macro is available to format Banner reports for printing, as described in the "Ways to Print from Banner" document. Save the file to your Microsoft Office Startup folder, which is typically:
        C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup