About the USNH Enterprise Gateway Site

The scope of the USNH Enterprise Gateway site is defined as comprising those Web pages, graphics, and other files within the "www.usnhgateway.org" domain. As the name implies, it is a gateway to other resources, primarily Banner databases, and those resources may be administered and maintained to different standards.


Our accessibility goal for the pages in this domain is to reach Conformance Level "A" in the near-term and "Double-A" in the mid-term, using CAST Bobby as the primary validation tool. See W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 for standards definitions.


This statement applies to those pages with the "www.usnhgateway.org" domain and does not include security (VPN) or database (Banner) domains. Our primary goal is to collect the information needed for efficient management of the site and at this time that does not include any personally identifiable information. Common ways that information is collected include:

The raw Web server logs record:

  • URL from which file request was received.
  • date and time stamp.
  • URL requested.
  • file sent.
  • browser used.

The USNH Enterprise Gateway support staff does not see this raw data. Instead we receive weekly summaries that show aggregate usage and that do not link specific requests to specific files. See the actual "Usage Stats" below.

A Web cookie is text information that a Web page can instruct your browser to write to your browser's cookie file. Many Web sites use cookies to track usage patterns on their site on a page by page basis. For details on how cookies work, see the large colletion of information at Cookie Central. We are not using cookies at this time, but may in the future.

We are not using forms at this time.

Search Page

This search page Gateway Search allows you to search within the USNH Gateway Web pages and within selected other resources.


The goal for these Web pages is to conform to major standards that facilitate both usability and maintenance of the information. For usability see the statement on Accessibility above. For both usability and maintenance the pages are coded to meet both XHTML and CSS1 standards from the W3C. For future flexibility in representing the data we include Dublin Core metadata on the pages.

Usage Stats

Web server statistics are compiled on a weekly basis, using the Analog program, and the current week is online. See the stats guide for information on how to interpret the information, to understand the categories and terminology (e.g., the difference between "requests" and "requests for pages."