Once WinSCP is finished installing, you will find a new icon on your desktop that looks like this:




Double-click on that icon to start up WinSCP.



You should be presented with a window looking something like this:




In the example above, there are no Logins/Sites listed in the Login window.  When you first ran WinSCP, it

may or may not have imported Site definitions from a previous installation of FileZilla. If it did import from

FileZilla, you might see your old FTS and FTSTEST sites.  Otherwise you will need to create them.












Creating a new WinSCP Site Login



To create a new profile/Site Login entry for FTS: while still in the Login/Site window:



Creating FTS profile




1.) Click once on "New Site"


2) Ensure that "SFTP" is selected.


3) Type "fts.unh.edu" in the Host Name prompt.


4) Type your FTS user name/login name in the Username prompt. You

     should have just the username - no angle brackets (<>), no quotes.

     Just your username.


5) Click once on "Save". You will be presented with the following popup:



Save Window


6.) Change the Site name to "FTS".


7) Click once on "OK". You are done.



If you require a Site Login for ftstest.unh.edu, then follow the same process,

except use "ftstest.unh.edu" for the Host Name, and "FTSTEST" for the Site name.



Once you have finished creating all of the Site Logins/profiles you need, you

MUST make changes to WinSCP which will disable default behavior that prevents

it from working properly with FTS or FTSTEST.


Disable "Endurance"





Also disable FTP Port probing






Click "OK" when done.



If you wish, you may also optionally go to Environment -> Window, and enable

"Keep main window open ....".


With that enabled, WinSCP will leave the main window open even if you "Close" the

Site/Login window.  If you prefer the behavior where WinSCP closes entirely, then

leave this option unchanged.











Using WinSCP with FTS or FTSTEST:


In the Login window, select the FTS or FTSTEST profiles:





1) Select "FTS"


2) Click once on the green right-arrow on the Login button.



Type in your account password in the resulting popup window.


NOTE: If this is the first time you've connected to fts.unh.edu (or any system, for

that matter), it may ask you if you want to save the "host key".  You should allow

WinSCP to save that key.


You should now have been dropped down to the main window where you can do your file transfers.





The left pane/half of the window is the folder on your desktop or laptop where WinSCP

will drop files by default.


The right pane/half of the window is WinSCP displaying the remote folder you are "in" on

the FTS server.





At this point, WinSCP should behave like any of the other Drag & Drop capable file copy

utilities you may have used in the past.


When done sending or receiving files, exit using the standard X at the top right.


Or, if you wish to create a session with another server without exiting, close the session,

and start over.