VPN Usage for the
USNH Enterprise Systems Gateway

This information is organized as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file to cover basic VPN installation for FRESH-related use, including discussion of problems and special cases.

Quick! What is the minimum I need to do?

Follow these step by step directions for Windows desktops.


What is VPN and why are we using it?

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network." UNH and many organizations are now using it to improve communications security. VPN allows an encrypted network path (figuratively a "tunnel") from your desktop to other network resources. This works from home as well as on Campus.


Are there multiple VPNs on Campus?

Yes. Different VPN clients are configured (or are configurable) for access to different sets of resources (servers, etc.). So it is important that you install the right one. For ordinary FRESH use that means the file you save and install from should be "unh-sn-nec.exe". See the step by step directions.


Are Macs supported?

Macs are not supported in the use of the Banner product. This was a decision made by the Executive Steering Committee in July, 2001, based on the fact that we do not have the resources to manage, test and remain current on dual platforms. While there may be some components in the Banner environment that currently work on Mac platform (the web interface for management reporting), there is no guarantee that it will work with future upgrades. As software developers demonstrate time and time again, writing their programs for the Mac operating system is an afterthought. So while some users may be fine in the short term, it is only a matter of time before they will be stranded.


But, but, I need more help.
But, but, I'm getting some error messages.

For more details, special cases, and other information, see the Computer Security VPN page.