Labor Distribution Tools Using Excel on Windows 2013

Please ensure all previous LD tool versions have been removed before continuing with installation. For removal instructions, click here.

Labor Distribution Tool INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (This is a one-Time Setup in EXCEL per machine)

  1. Open Excel – Click on Start, Programs then find and click on Microsoft Excel in list.
  2. Open a new worksheet by clicking on the “Blank worksheet” template at the upper left.
  3. Click the File tab.
  4. Click Options (from the lower left menu.)
  5. Click Trust Center (lower left menu.)


  1. Then click Trust Center Settings (lower right button.)
  2. In the Trust Center (Macro Settings section to the right)
        Click Disable all macros with notification (If not already checked.)


  1.  Click OK.



Adding Excel AddIns

  1. Right Click on LD Utilities.xla and select Save target as…"
  2. Select Desktop on the left, below Favorites.




3.      Click on the New folder button near the top to right of the Organize pull down and then
type in LD Utilities in New folder name box.



4.     Click Open button at the lower right then click on Save to save file to this folder.



5.      Open Excel – Click on Start, Programs then find and click on Microsoft Excel in list.

  1. Click on Files tab – select Options (at the bottom)



  1. Choose Add-Ins then select Excel Add-ins from the lower drop down then click Go…



  1. Check Analysis ToolPak, Analysis ToolPak – VBA and click on Browse.



  1. Select Desktop then double click the folder LD Utilities to open it



  1. Highlight the file LD Utilities v2.0 then click OK



  1. You should now see the following window



  1. By going to File -> Options then highlight Add-Ins you will see that the three add-ins are now active



Download and Running instructions for LD Forward workbook



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