FTE Calculation Tool

Set up Procedure for Office 2003 (XP) running on Windows XP

The FTE Calculation Tool is a Microsoft Excel based tool. These instructions are for Excel 2003 (a.k.a. Excel XP) running on Windows XP or Windows 2003. In order to use it, please follow the procedure instructions found below.

A) Set up security to enable macros

  1. Click Start Button, All Programs and then select and click on Excel.
  2. Click on Tools menu then click on Options.


  1. Select Security Tab


  1. Click on Macro Security Button in lower right corner.


  1. Select the Low option and click OK.


  1. Click OK on the Security tab to exit out of the Options box.


B) Adding Excel Add-Ins

  1. Open Excel program - Click Start Button, programs and then select and click on Excel.
  2. Click on Tools menu then click on Add-Ins.



  1. Check Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak VBA and click OK


Once these steps are completed click on the link below to download and run the FTE Calculation Tool.

You have now successfully downloaded the tool. Please click on the link below for the instruction on how to use the tool. These instructions also can be found on the Banner HR web page:


Calculating FTE for Hourly and Salary Employee Jobs Using the FTE Calculation Tool