Please note:  The VPN software was upgraded on Sunday, October 18.  When logging into the new VPN, please proceed as directed to upgrade your VPN software.  When performing the upgrade, you will need administrative access to your PC.


Enterprise Computing requires a VPN (virtual private network) to access many of its applications including Banner Student, Banner Finance/HR, Web Intelligence Management Reporting, Kronos, Advancement, Xtender, Workflow and many others.  


The web-based VPN offers many advantages including support for more desktop operating systems, increased availability, and better performance. 


Please make sure that you have admin access to your PC before installing the web VPN software. 


Installing and Using the ECG Web VPN


Go to and select Enterprise VPN.



Enter your AD user and password and proceed as directed.  At the end of the installation, you will be logged into the VPN.


Logging Out of the VPN

When you are ready to end you session, right click on the VPN icon   in the system tray status area and select Sign Out.


More information


Please see the UNH Telecom VPN help page for more information.